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Natural Bike Ride

Explore the natural healing environment of Jurmala. Our wellness coach will take you for a beautiful bike ride, showing architectural landmarks, the depth of pinewoods and special beaches. During the bike ride you will learn more about the local culture, nature, traditions and get a sense of place. You will also benefit from a dose of oxygen, movement and stretches that will leave you invigorated for the rest of the day!


There are two options to choose from:


Discover the tip of Jurmala - where the Baltic Sea merges with Lielupe River

This is a fun easy ride, through hilly pinewoods, architectural wooden houses, the riverside and beach front. The beginning of Jurmala is a very special, energetically charged place, where the seaside merges with the river, surrounded by natural sand dunes and pinewoods. Light stretches or games for children will be offered here to charge your whole body and soul in this very special environment.




Finding the healing water source

This journey will take you all the way to Kemeri national park where the healing waters and muds were discovered. These sources established Jurmala as a SPA resort in 16th century and are widely used til today in sanatorium’s and SPA’s for healing. You will ride through beautiful pinewoods, the seaside and pass by beautiful architectural monuments.




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