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International Wellness Centre BALANS

The Balans philosophy is based on the belief that all of us are born with a reserve of health which gets dissipated throughout our lives as a result of stress from the external environment.  This reserve needs to be replenished regularly to reverse the effects of ill-health as we head into old age. Our  team of experts has therefore developed a comprehensive programme to assist guests on their journey to improved health and optimum balance.

Balans club membership allows to benefit from the use of studio classes, gym, swimming pool, aqua aerobics, authentic russian banya's and Amber Wellness SPA and Beauty.   We offer membership's for one off visits  to annual club cards. Special rates are considered for  kids, families, corporate,students and retiree's. Please contact the club to find out your best option.

Our core strenght is the holistic lifestyle Balans Program, aimed to bring oneself to the ultimate state of wellbeing.

The Balans Programme offers a three-step approach to achieving improved health and optimum balance:

  • Diagnostics - a thorough analysis of functional conditions using bio-chemical testing (a blood test to determine how foods influence the body's metabolism), physical and emotional diagnostics.
  • Renewal - A six week program, to renew your body, typically started with a one week stay in Amber SPA Boutique hotel, following a one on one guidance from our team of doctors, personal trainers and therapist, to understand test results and application of the personalized nutrition plan, exercise program and treatments plans. The idea is to make your wellness program fit into your daily routine in the smoothest possible way, so that it can be practiced once returned home.
  • Maintenance - After the renewal phase a complimentary diagnostics is offered with your doctor in order to assess achievements and challenges faced during this time. A maintenance plan is created as a result to keep up the benefits of living your wellness journey.

The aim of the programme is to learn to listen and respond in the best way to the needs of your body, mind and soul, making wellness accessible and easily applicable in your daily life.

Through Bach analysis, the Rhythm Express test and individual consultation with a  doctor, your optimum relaxation and recovery program will be assessed, which will take into consideration your schedule, needs, and health conditions.

Our nutritionist will individually tailor your optimum food intake, testing for internal food allergies through Prime Test analysis, while  F-scan electro-magnetic diagnostics,  will investigate the state of your body's internal environment and  detect infections, viruses and other forms of bacteria's that may cause health blockages.

Through kinesiology diagnostics, which test the physical structure and balance of your muscles, the weakest links in your body can be detected.

Your current physical condition will be assessed with a muscular-skeletal  test based on the principles of Paul Check. Based on the results, an individually tailored exercise programme, designed around your objectives and goals will be created.