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Balans Programme

The centre takes great pride in our main product, The Balans Programme.
The six-week Balans Programme, designed by our experts, aims to bring you into a state of balance.

Four essential factors should be optimized in order to reach a state of balance:

  • Optimal food intake - helps balance the body on a chemical level – bio-chemical balance.
  • Fitness (good physical condition) - helps bring the body into balance on a physical level – physical balance.
  • Relaxation - helps keep you in balance on an emotional level – emotional balance.
  • Healthy Environment - seeks to perfect the environment in which we live.

 There is only one Balans - Your Balans.

Each individual has his/her own strengths and weaknesses, whether due to genetic background or lifestyle habits. 

In order to maximize your abilities, our specialists take into consideration all of the factors that influence your body, mind and soul, addressing specific weaknesses and thus enhancing your strength.

Our specialists will individually tailor your optimum food intake, testing for internal food allergies through Prime Test analysis.

The F-Scan device will investigate the state of your body and detect infections, viruses and other forms of illness.

Through kinesiology diagnostics, which test the physical structure and balance of your muscles, we can detect the weakest links in your body.

We will assess your current physical condition with a fitness test. Based on the results, we will individually tailor a fitness program designed around your objectives and goals.

Through Bach analysis, the Rhythm Express test and individual consultation with our doctor, we will tailor your optimum relaxation and recovery program, which will take into consideration your schedule, needs, and health conditions.

The environment is very important to health.  We take great pride in the environment of the Balans Club, which is located by the sea and in the middle of a pine forest. At the Balans Club, you can enjoy walks on the beach and breathe the healing air of the pine trees.

We are also committed to being ecologically friendly and we will help you create the right environment at home and at work to enhance your balance.

Bear in mind that we are here to enhance your health. However, if a condition is discovered that cannot be treated within our centre, we have a network of professional medical centres and doctors, to whom we can refer you.

The  Balans  Programme   contains   3  phases:

  • DIAGNOSTICS. A thorough analysis of your functional condition.
  • RENEWAL. Cleansing and detox program.
  • MAINTAINANCE. Your individual program to maintain your state of balance.

All of these 3 steps cover the bio-chemical, physical and emotional aspects of balance and encompass environmental awareness.


Phase 1             Phase 2           Phase 3   



Before going through all of our diagnostic methods, you will meet with our wellness consultant. The purpose of this meeting is to explain all of the diagnostic methods in detail and for our consultant to understand what you hope to gain from the Balans Programme.



In order to ensure that the food we eat is compatible with our organism, we need to test whether it is compatible with our immune system. Leucocytes – white blood cells – form the foundation of the immune system.

Therefore, the compatibility of food with the leucocytes of the tested person points to the compatibility of that product with the immune system.

The Prime Test is a blood test that determines how various foods and chemical elements influence the workings of our metabolism. It is based on the analysis of the behavior of white cells when they come into contact with each of the tested foods. As a result, you will discover which foods are best absorbed and which should be excluded from your diet. Following the removal of foods damaging to your immune system, your body will begin to detoxify and problems such as migraines, excess weight, various skin conditions and bloating can be eliminated.



Applied kinesiology (AK) is a form of diagnostics that uses muscle testing as a primary feedback mechanism to examine how a person’s body is functioning. When properly applied, the outcome of an AK diagnostics can determine the best form of therapy for the patient.

The evaluation of the state of the muscles through muscle testing enables the doctor of bio-mechanics to determine which exercises and treatments are most suited to maximizing each individual’s results and maintaining a balanced state of health.


The Fitness Test includes the measurement of anthropological data - the measurement of body size and analysis of body composition, The levels of fat, water, bone structure and muscle tissue in comparison to total body weight. The Fitness Test also includes a functional testing method where it is possible to assess the cardiovascular system, breathing system and level of physical ability. Based on these results, the doctor and fitness coach will work together to provide you with recommendations for physical activity and the most suitable level of intensity. This test is also great way to track your improvement and results as you complete each phase of the Balans Programme.


The F-Scan is a device that uses resonating frequencies to investigate the functional state of the human body. The F-Scan has the ability to detect the frequency at which infections, viruses and other forms of illness resonate. After the detection of various maladies, the F-Scan is then able to zap the target at an exact frequency and treat your cells, working to improve your immune system.



Negative emotional states such as sorrow, fear, dissatisfaction, impatience and sadness are assumed to be the causes of diseases.  Finding the right Bach essences can have an immediate healing effect and help stabilize your emotional state.

Bach analysis will also help you discover how different aromas affect your emotions – which essences will stimulate you and which you should avoid. 
As a result, the correct aroma oils can be applied during aromatherapy or during other treatments based on essences.


The achievements of space medicine in estimating the state of health and in detecting the influences of stress levels on an organism were used in the complex development of “Varicard.”

“Varicard” is a diagnostic machine that estimates your current state of health and stress levels. It also reveals your functional exhaustions and nervous failures.

Variation in the heart rhythm indicates the condition of the regulatory systems and the organism’s adaptation level to environmental influences. As a result, our specialists can assess the energy reserves in the body and assign a recreational program accordingly.


After all of the diagnostics, you will be invited for an individual consultation with our doctor.

Based on the results of the diagnostics, our doctors work together with the kinesiologist and fitness coach to individually tailor a six-week renewal program for you.

You will receive nutrition recommendations from our doctor after taking the Prime Test.

You can also order an individually tailored menu from our chef.

We will schedule the kinesiology treatments for you, as well as recommend food supplements based on the results of diagnostics.

Based on the results of the Fitness Test and depending on your personal goals, we will create a six-week training session program for you.

We will schedule the F-Scan treatments for you based on the F-Scan diagnostics.

Finally, we will recommend various therapies, such as massage, aromatherapy, baths and spa treatments that will contribute to your optimal recovery.


After your renewal phase, we will design a maintenance programme to help you stay in balance.

If you live close to the International Wellness Centre, we can provide you with both services and advice.

If you live abroad, we will still keep in touch with you and provide you with advice and assistance for at least one year after you complete the Balance Programme.

No matter where you are in the world, you will have a personal Wellness Manager, who will keep in touch with you and help you to retain a state of balance throughout the year.

After the year is over, you will be contacted and asked to go through the Balans Programme once again in order to check your progress.